This cookie policy applies to the website (hereinafter generically referred to as "Site").

Cookies are small text files that a website visited by a user sends to the device used while browsing; cookies are stored on the user's device for a certain duration and with different purposes depending on the type.

Cookies used within this website

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of certain areas of the Website. For this reason, technical cookies are always used on the Site regardless of user preferences. In particular, the Site uses the following session technical cookie:
ASP.NET_SessionId (duration of browsing session); contains information about the browser session and allows users to access the site.

Third party cookies

These cookies are sent from third-party domains or from partner sites that offer their functionality between the pages of this Site.
They are used essentially for the following purposes:
obtain information on how visitors interact with the Site, for example: sections visited, time spent on the Site, address of the site from which the user comes and / or accesses when leaving the Site, any malfunctions;
integrate third-party functionalities present in the pages of the Site, such as icons or preferences expressed in social networks for sharing the contents of the Site or using third-party software services.

GOOGLE   - (duration: 2 years)

SID, APISID, HSID, SAPISID, SSID, NID, PREF, ULS (duration: variable, from length of the browsing session to 2 years, depending on the specific cookie)

OTZ (duration: 30 days)
__utma, _utmb, __utmz, _utmv (duration: variable, from 24 hours to 2 years, depending on the specific cookie)

_conv_r, _conv_s, _conv_v, _ga, _gat, di2, dt, km_ab_cbp, km_ai, loc, uid, uit, um, user_segment, uvc, vc (duration: variable, from 24 hours to 2 years, depending on the specific cookie)

Bcookie (duration: 2 years)
lang (duration: browsing session)
lidc (duration: 24 hours)


How to disable cookies by configuring the browser

The user can configure his own options regarding the use of cookies at any time, using the settings of the browser used.

Here are the reference pages for the management of cookies in the main browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari (  –, Opera.

For specific information on cookies and their control, visit

However, it should be noted that disabling cookies could negatively affect the user experience of the Website and its correct functioning.

For complete information on the processing of data of users who consult the site, please also read our privacy policy.

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